Monotonicity via mereology in the semantics of attitude reports

Free choice with anaphora

Partee conjunctions: projection and possibility

Crossover and accessibility in dynamic semantics

Towards a principled logic of anaphora

There is no island repair


Donkey disjunctions and overlapping updates


Who and what do who and what range over cross-linguistically?

Disjunction in a predictive theory of anaphora

A flexible scope theory of intensionality


A plea for equality: remarks on Moltmann's semantics for clausal embedding

Intensionalizing abstract meaning representations: non-veridicality and scope


Exceptional de re in continuation semantics


Applicatives for anaphora and presupposition

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Exactly one theory of multiplicity inferences

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Unconditional sluicing: a case of ineffable ellipsis

  • with Andrew Murphy.
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\#Only zero

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Ineffability and unexhaustification


Collective predication and ellipsis: another case of ineffability


Predicates of relevance and theories of question embedding

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Do superiority-violating multiple singular which-questions have pair-list readings?

  • with Andreea Nicolae and Yasu Sudo.
  • Published in Snippets.


Explaining DPs vs. CPs without syntax

E-type readings of quantifiers under ellipsis: consequences for the identity condition

List readings of questions with conjoined singular which-phrases

  • with Andreea Nicolae and Yasu Sudo
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The sticky reading: VP ellipsis without parallel binding

  • with Andreea Nicolae and Yasu Sudo
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QR out of control

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More variation in island repair: the clausal/non-clausal distinction

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Elements of clausal embedding